DAPi Chapters

Be part of a growing organization that celebrates and support academic achievement for post-secondary students with disabilities. Join over 100 institutions who have established a chapter to recognize students’ academic achievement.

We are pleased to share this list of our chartered chapters, including contact information for a chapter advisor:

Alpha – East Stroudsburg University

Beta – Edinboro University

Gamma – Shippensburg University

Delta – Geneva College

Epsilon – Bentley University

Zeta – Fitchburg State University

Eta – Missouri State University

Theta – Centenary College

Iota – Kutztown University

Kappa – California University

Lambda – Long Beach City College

Mu – West Chester University

Nu – Clemson University

Xi – George Mason University

Omicron – Bloomsburg University

Pi – University of South Carolina

Rho – Northeastern University

Sigma – Baltimore City Community College

Tau – North Central College

Upsilon – University of South Alabama

Phi – Clarion University

Chi – Southern Oregon University

Psi – East Tennessee State University

Omega – point Loma Nazarene University

Alpha Alpha – Metropolitan State University of Denver

Alpha Beta – The University of New Mexico

Alpha Gamma – Adrian College

Alpha Delta – Richland Community College

Alpha Epsilon – Towson University

Alpha Zeta – Iowa State University

Alpha Eta – University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Alpha Theta – Sonoma State University

Alpha Iota – University of Pittsburgh

Alpha Kappa – Kansas State University

Alpha Lambda – California State University at Northridge

Alpha Mu – Lamar University

Alpha Nu – University of North Texas

Alpha Xi – University of Central Florida

Alpha Omicron – University of Texas at Arlington

Alpha Pi – Union College

Alpha Rho – University of Connecticut

Alpha Sigma – Carroll Community College

Alpha Tau – Southeast Missouri State University

Alpha Upsilon – Southeastern Louisiana University

Alpha Phi – Northern Illinois University

Alpha Chi – Hofstra University

Alpha Psi – University of Delaware

Alpha Omega – Mitchell College

Beta Alpha – Notre Dame College

Beta Beta – University of Missouri

Beta Gamma – Rowan University

Beta Delta – Marist College

Beta Epsilon – Molloy College

Beta Eta – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Beta Eta – University of North Florida

Beta Iota – Virginia State University

Beta Kappa – North Shore Community College

Beta Lambda – University of New Haven

Beta Mu – University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Beta Nu – Brigham Young University

Beta Xi – Lynchburg College

Beta Omicron – University of Texas at Dallas

Beta Pi – Colorado State University at Fort Collins

Beta Rho – Harford Community College

Beta Sigma – Penn State Berks University

Beta Tau – Washington State University

Beta Upsilon – St. Thomas Aquinas College

Beta Phi – University of Texas at El Paso

Beta Chi – Florida State University

Beta Psi – Cornell University

Beta Omega – Cabrini College

Gamma Alpha – Wilmington University

Gamma Beta – Community College of Baltimore County

Gamma Gamma – Hood College

Gamma Delta – Brevard College

Gamma Epsilon – University of Baltimore

Gamma Zeta – Strayer University

Gamma Eta – Western Connecticut State University

Gamma Theta – Fashion Institute of Technology

Gamma Iota – Lebanon Valley College

Gamma Kappa – University of Maryland Baltimore County

Gamma Lambda – Western Michigan University

Gamma Mu – Florida Gulf Coast University

Gamma Nu – Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne

Gamma Xi – University at Buffalo

Gamma Omicron – University of Tennessee

Gamma Pi – Aquinas College

Gamma Rho – University of Maryland at College Park

Gamma Sigma – University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Gamma Tau – Hilbert College

Gamma Upsilon – Ashford University

Gamma Phi – University of Texas at San Antonio

Gamma Chi – Worcester State University

Gamma Psi – Eastern Illinois University

Gamma Omega – Somerset Community College

Delta Alpha – University of San Francisco

Delta Beta – Santa Monica College

Delta Gamma – Syracuse University

Delta Delta – State University of New York at New Paltz

Delta Epsilon – Davis & Elkins College

Delta Zeta – Gardner-Webb University

Delta Eta – University of Denver

Delta Theta – LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

Delta Iota – Texas State University

Delta Kappa – Temple University

Delta Lambda – East Central University

Delta Mu – Hartford University

Delta Nu – SUNY Old Westbury

Delta Xi – Madison College

Delta Omicron – Old Dominion University

Delta Pi – Alliant International University

Delta Rho – Loyola University

Delta Sigma – University of Salisbury

Delta Tau – Rock Valley College

Delta Upsilon – University of the Arts

Delta Phi – Baldwin Wallace University

Delta Chi – American International College

Delta Psi – Northern Kentucky University