DAPi Member Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Joining DAPi

  1. Recognition as an honor student who happens to have a disability.
  2. Membership in a dynamic organization with over 3200 members nationwide.
  3. Joining a community of like-minded students who also are high-achievers with a disability and who support rather than criticize.
  4. Developing or enhancing skills in leadership through activities such as holding an office or being a mentor.
  5. Developing or enhancing advocacy skills for yourself and for others with disabilities.
  6. Learning how to plan and implement programming to educate others about disability issues.
  7. Having the opportunity to “give forward” by helping to lessen the stigma surrounding disability and demonstrating that students with disabilities can be and are successful.
  8. Wearing the DAPi blue and gold honor cords at commencement/ graduation.
  9. Having the opportunity to apply for the $2000 DAPi scholarship which is awarded each year to an active undergraduate member of a chapter of DAPi.
  10. Enhancing your resume through membership in an academic honor society.